Ian McCall has resorted to matchmaking his own fights in a bid to end the 2016 voodoo curse that’s holding back his flyweight title aspirations in the UFC.

Uncle Creepy’s 2016 run of bad luck went from bad to worse when his fight with Ray Borg, scheduled for UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio tomorrow, was cancelled due to Borg falling ill and forcing him to withdraw from the bout.

Just six weeks ago, McCall was expected to fight Justin Scoggins at UFC 201, however, two days before that event Scoggins announced he wasn’t going to make the weight forcing the UFC to scrap the fight.

And now the flyweight star has simply had enough, and after revealing the details of the cancelation he’s gone proactive in getting another fight line dup fast.

I got a knock on my door at, like, 1 am from my agent,” said McCall. “I answered the door in my underwear. He told me, and I just kind of stared at him, like I didn’t believe him. I told him, ‘I’m going to punch you if you’re lying to me. This isn’t funny.’ And then they pushed me inside and were like, ‘You need to sit down.’ I was like, f*ck.”

With back-to-back camps and back to back fight cancellations, having spent close to three months training McCall did what anyone else would do, he went on a fast food binge eating fest.

God, I ate so much junk food last night, and then I just laid in bed sweating, just hating myself,” said McCall told MMAjunkie. “I had the pizza and doughnut sweats. I had a cop serve me pizza last night.”

Hoping to secure a fight by the end of the year McCall took to Instagram and called out Neil Seery for the November 19th scheduled event in Belfast, Northern Ireland. “How about I come back to Ireland and put on a show with Neil Seery?” said McCall.

Hoping to provide McCall with some reassurance, Seery took to twitter to accept the fight. I’m game as f**k and I come to fight,” Seery responded.

It’s now down to the UFC matchmakers and time will tell if they put this fight together for the sixth European UFC event in 2016.