Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2 goes down next Saturday night at UFC 202 in Las Vegas, but we could be in store for a third chapter in this saga in the not too distant future, should McGregor emerge victorious.

Given the metrics the two polarising fighters generated with UFC 196, most likely to be replicated in 10 days time, it may not make sense given their usual weight classes and McGregor’s featherweight championship on ice. But it would make serious dollars, and that always makes sense.

During last Friday’s UFC 202 media conference call, Fighters Only asked both athlete’s if a trilogy fight would be of interest should McGregor win and their answers were emphatic. “100%,” said McGregor. “Of course. Maybe not straightaway, but most certainly this will be a trilogy fight. Me and the boy have something, and it ain’t finished yet.”

That something, the intangible, that X-factor is why McGregor has been called out by the who’s who of the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight divisions. He may have found his perfect dance partner in Diaz who would also welcome a second rematch if things fail to go his way next week.

“Who wouldn’t want a rematch with somebody who beat them?” Diaz responded. So, when and where could McGregor vs. Diaz 3 take place? Here are some options:

UFC 205 – Madison Square Garden, New York City (Nov 12th)

Perhaps too soon and if things go the way of the first fight then both men would certainly require some time off and probably get a medical suspension. Having said that, should the outcome of the fight leave them unscathed a quick turnaround might be possible and MSG could get the biggest fight in UFC history.

UFC 207 – TBC, Las Vegas (Dec 31st / Jan 1st)

Slightly more likely as it would allow the fighters to rest, recover and recuperate and provide the adequate time to prepare for the fight. A what bigger fight is there for a new year’s Eve / Day party than the rubber match between ‘The Notorious’ and Nate – perhaps even back down at lightweight and as a final alienator for a 155lb title shot?

UFC 209 – TBC (March/April 2017)

Out of all three fantasy dates, this would likely be most probably given McGregor has stated the fight would not happen immediately. And what better event than 209, the same area code as the Diaz brothers beloved hometown of Stockton, California. That’s pay-per-view gold right there!

All of this, is of course, contingent on McGregor beating Diaz at UFC 202 so first things first for the brash Irishman. Level the series and then cash in again with the trilogy fight. Three, that’s the magic number.