London-based MMA fans might be familiar with the name Popek Rak.

He’s a Polish rapper and occasional fighter who competed under the Cage Rage banner a few times. He was notable for a ridiculously aggressive approach and a rabid fan base who nearly caused a riot at Cage Rage 26 back in 2008.

Things have been quiet on the Rak front until today, when a video emerged of him having some ‘body modification’ done at a tattoo studio in London. For reasons best known to himself, Rak has had an enormous cross-shaped scar put on the right side of his face.

He has also had his eyeball re-tattooed (that’s right, re-tattooed – he’d already been through it once) because the colour on the left eyeball had faded lighter than the right and he wasn’t happy with it.

Here’s the video of him having the work done. He is wide awake, as body modification is undertaken by people who do not have a license to administer anaesthetic. However, he is clearly baked from smoking what appears to be a well-packed jazz cigarette and so god only knows what was going through his mind while pieces of skin were being literally scalpeled from his face.

What do you think of the finished result? And where does someone go after an extreme piece of work like this? Rak is still a young man and the scarring will be irreversible, as are the eye tattoos. Is he possibly the craziest person to have ever stepped into the MMA cage?