Gegard Mousasi says he received threats from UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor over twitter DM’s following statements Mousasi made at the UFC 204 press conference which the ‘Notorious’ McGregor didn’t appreciate.

Following his co-main event victory over Vitor Belfort at UFC 204 in Manchester, England, top middleweight contender Gegard Mousasi had some harsh words for fans who buy into self-promotional tactics used by the likes of Floyd Mayweather in boxing and Conor McGregor closer to home.

And it appears word got back to McGregor who then, according to Mousasi, direct messaged him on Twitter and had some less than complimentary things to say. Speaking on ‘The MMA Hour’ the former Strikeforce champion spilled the beans.

That ginger-headed f**k is retarded,” Mousasi said. “In the interview I mentioned, they were talking about respect or whatever, and then he texted me on Twitter. He messaged me, and I said, ‘what’re you going to do with your 50kg?’ 

“And then he was, I don’t know, he was philosophical or whatever the f**k he was writing, he was like, ‘a knife is lighter than a pound, it can cut from ear-to-ear,’ whatever the f**k he was writing. That guy is a bum. He’s a 50kg guy, what the f**k is he going to do? 

“I bet if he’s face-to-face, he’s not going to say that. But you know, Twitter gives some people courage.”

Mousasi didn’t appear to be too bothered by the social media response, urging McGregor to say everything face-to-face the next time the pair meet.

I don’t know what he was mentioning with the knife,” Mousasi added. “I don’t have it with me now, but he put a lot of thought into his message. The guy has a lot of time, I don’t know. I said ‘Say it to my face,’ but I bet he’s not going to do that.”