Following a stellar 2016 for Dutch middleweight Gegard Mousasi, the former Strikeforce champion is wasting no time in mapping out his route to the UFC title in the new year, setting his sights on former champ Chris Weidman.

After he went 4-0 this year, Mousasi propelled himself to the upper echelon of the Octagon’s 185lb division. With victories over Uriah Hall, Vitor Belfort, Thiago Santos and Thales Leites, Mousasi is likely just one more signature win away from a title shot. And Wiedman fits the bill.

Mousasi took to social media yesterday and called out former middleweight number one, revealing the company had already sent him out a bout agreement, a contract, according to Mousasi, he has yet to sign.

“UFC offered you the fight days ago, Chris Weidman,” tweeted Mousasi. “Suddenly you have disappeared. Accept the fight already. I am waiting pal. I am working to get the belt. If the top guys won’t accept I am prepared to take volunteers.”

This isn’t the first time Mousasi has been outspoken this year, and it’s partly why he’s made such a big impact in the eyes of the promotion and MMA fans. His now open book personality has complimented his incredible in cage performances and it’s all peaking at the perfect time.

With that being said, Weidman did have a rebuttal, putting the Dutchman in his place. “Easy, Pal,” posted Weidman. “You were just one of a few names given by UFC, and I’m still healing up. Glad you’re finally speaking, though!”

It seems even Mousasi’s potential opponents are appreciating his forthright behaviour these days.