Nate Diaz hit back at UFC 202 rival Conor McGregor live on US TV last night by promising: ‘The truth is coming’.

Former Ultimate Fighter winner Diaz has certainly come a long way. Following his second round submission win over Conor McGregor earlier this year at UFC 196, his victory parade included some of the biggest and mainstream media outlets in the US.

As things start to ramp up for the rematch at UFC 202 the Stockton, California-born and raised fighter made an appearance on the popular late night ‘Conan O’Brien’ talk show which also featured a gate crashing cameo from the ‘Notorious’ McGregor.

Speaking from his current location of Las Vegas, O’Brien played a pre-recorded VT where the brash Irishman essentially teed up the fight but not before mocking Diaz’s appearance.

“I’m taking this contest very, very seriously,” said McGregor. I’ve flown in specific body types to replicate Nate’s skinny, tall frame. I just hope he’s not up on that stage wearing that stupid black T-shirt that he’s never out of. The boy has been wearing that same damn T-shirt for the past 20 years or something.”

 McGregor then insinuated Diaz’s win back in March was nothing more than a fluke and guaranteed success when the pair meet in the rematch next month.

“The boy won the lotto the last time,” added McGregor. “He knows it, I know it, well, August 20th I get my revenge and I look forward to it.”

When O’Brien turned to Diaz for a response it was short, sweet and in typical 209 fashion.

“The truth came out – and it’s coming again,” said Diaz. “The truth will be on August 20th when it goes down again.”