Nate Quarry has had to have facial reconstruction surgery following his fight with Jorge Rivera at UFC Fight Night 21 on March 31st. The middleweight fighter, a graduate of TUF season one, had screws put into his face as a result of his TKO loss in the second round.

“Got screwed in the face 13 times yesterday! Yep, facial reconstruction surgery. Good times,” Quarry wrote on his Facebook page after surgery was successfully completed. 

“My cheekbones were broken loose and had to be screwed down to keep them in place. Then a mesh made from titanium is laid down with some bone growth material over the top of it. That accelerates the whole healing process. Screws will be permanent. As is the titanium mesh they laid down,” he explained elsewhere on his page.

Quarry posted several pictures showing the extent of the damage his face had taken (see above, right). He also posted a note to his Facebook page detailing some of the injuries he had suffered in the fight and registering his displeasure with the doctor who initially attended to his injuries, which included a broken nose and a fractured/dislocated cheekbone.

“As I get up off the mat at the end of the first round you can see the whole left side of my face sag. Multiple fractures. In my corner Stitch is trying to stop the blood, he tells me my nose is broken. Sorry Stitch, my nose may be broken but it wouldn’t bleed like that. My septum is broken and is pouring blood into my nasal passages and throat,” he wrote.

“And a thought went across my mind, “They should stop the fight. I’m broken.” That thought seemed to cloud my mind for hours. In reality I’d be surprised if it lasted more than a quarter of a second. Then another thought prevailed. “You came here to fight and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna end a fight on my stool in my corner.” And I went out with all the fire I could muster. And I did what I always do, leave it all in the cage.”

Quarry also recounted how at one point he looked down to “see my toe facing the wrong way. I popped that back in place. Twice, before I could get some tape on it. The doc comes over and tells me my nose is broken. “Well, put it back in place.” “Uh, I can’t do that…” “Well, you’re pretty xxxxx worthless aren’t you?” (I wrench my nose back where it goes) Was that so xxxxxx hard?” I say with a little disgust in my voice.”

On returning home, Quarry went to his own doctor and was referred to a local hospital. But things took a turn for the worse when he received a call from a surgeon who told him “”You have multiple facial fractures. At least 3 or 4, can’t really tell. But it’s way beyond what we can do. You’re going to have to find somebody better.”

Quarry ended up heading to San Diego for treatment at the Center for Oral and Maxiofacial Surgery. 13 screws were inserted in his face to hold the bones together while they heal. One side-effect was the releasing of a nerve which had become trapped. Quarry’s face had been completely numb up until that point.