He’s been telling us for years, but today it was confirmed: Conor McGregor is not only the highest-paid fighter in all of mixed martial arts, he’s also one of the richest athletes in the world.

According to the latest World’s Highest Paid Athletes list in Forbes magazine, released Wednesday, McGregor is in the top 25 highest earners in sport, tied at number 24 with Real Madrid and Wales winger Gareth Bale, having made a whopping $34 million in 2016. Broken down, it is claimed last year the Irish superstar received around $37 million from fight purses and a further $7 million from endorsements and sponsorships.

It’s quite the leap for McGregor. Only last year he placed 85, with earnings of a comparatively paltry $18 million. But pay-per-view showdowns with Nate Diaz and Eddie Alvarez have seen his value and popularity skyrocket and now his boasts, of which there have been many, can be backed up by numbers and Forbes.

Topping the list is Real Madrid icon Christian Ronaldo who, according to Forbes, raked in $93 million for 2016.

With a fight against Floyd Mayweather still seemingly on the table, though, there’s little doubt McGregor – and, indeed, Mayweather – will both have eyes on securing top spot next year.