Brazilian MMA super-brand Pretorian has been banned from the Octagon.

MMA managers were sent a memo from the UFC at the weekend telling them that the brand and its associated logos are no longer permitted to be worn inside the Octagon or during any of a fighter’s official UFC undertakings.

No reasons for the sudden ban was given in the memo. The move is a surprising one as Pretorian has until now forged fairly deep links with the UFC, featuring on the Octagon canvas and corner posts as well as on numerous fighters.

Most of its sponsored fighters are Brazilian but the likes of Roy Nelson will also be hurt by the ban, which comes into effect immediately.

Previous bans have generally been the result of brands being either unable or unwilling to pay the so-called ‘sponsor tax’ which the UFC charges companies who want their logo appearing on fighters during UFC broadcasting.

The ‘tax’ works on a sliding scale so smaller companies would generally pay less than larger ones. It is unknown what rate Pretorian’s payment was set at. Fighters Only has contacted representatives of the brand to ask for comment.