A UFC PR team almost got the boot from an NFL event today, with NFL officials taking umbrage at what it saw as the ‘wrestling’ organization’s efforts to piggyback on its upcoming Superbowl event.

UFC on-camera talent Megan Olivi was present at the NFL media day with a camera crew and a UFC title belt.

While interacting with some Denver Broncos players she was accosted by Dennis Kayser, Senior Director of On-Field Operations for the NFL.

“We don’t want this around here. This is wrestling stuff, right? Yeah, we don’t want that associated with us and this event. This is the NFL,” he told Olivi, according to NJ.com

The crew was then asked to leave the premises. But Olivi was able to successfully argue that the UFC and the NFL were partners of a kind, because of the mutual FOX Sports connection.

FOX TV talent Jay Glazer happened to be wandering nearby and was roped in by Olivi to explain the UFC’s merit to Kayser.

He did so and Kayser relented – though the UFC crew was only allowed to interact with players roaming the floor rather than those up on the podiums.

Still, quick thinking by Olivi, so well done to her.