At Brave CF 76, fight fans witnessed an epic comeback – and one of the best come-from-behind performances in the history of Brave Combat Federation.

In the fourth fight of the evening, we saw a bantamweight collision take place between Randi Febian and Dewantoro. We expected to see an incredible brawl between the two men, and when push came to shove, that’s exactly what we got from both of these warriors.

In the blink of an eye, Dewantoro made his power count as he dropped Febian almost immediately. However, things soon turned when they got to the ground, and Randi locked in a nasty submission hold that left him on the verge of breaking his opponent’s arm.

Dewantoro managed to escape, and upon their return to the feet, it wasn’t long before he put Febian on the canvas for a second time. The referee took a close look at the action and appeared to be close to intervening, but an illegal knee saved the day for Febian and ensured that the bout would continue.

This absolute war bled through into the second round, with Dewantoro once again looking like the aggressor and the more well-rounded striker of the two. However, in true Rocky fashion, Febian kept moving forward despite the pressure he was under and managed to drop Dewantoro with a short left hook.

The follow-up shots rendered Dewantoro unable to continue, and in the words of the commentary team, Febian was able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

It’s the kind of comeback that will be talked about as part of the promotion’s journey to prominence for a long time, and many fighters can take great inspiration from seeing evidence of what we all know to be true – it’s not over until it’s over.