Sometimes people see a gap in the market. “Why is no one providing a product for this?” they think, and they duly step in to fill the space and, they hope, rake some coin in.

There are all kinds of success stories out there about people who have become millionaires off the back of little ideas that no one else had. The fellow who came up with the idea of putting little plastic bits on the end of shoelaces, for example, made millions and died very rich.

But sometimes the reason there is a gap in the market is because there is absolutely no call for the product whatsoever, be it superfluous, unnecessary or just batshit crazy. One such thing is the Butter Stick, taking its cue from the Pritt Stick glue product but not having the same appeal to eaters of toast as its office-based cousin.


Want to have a butter sandwich but do not want to get a knife?
Well then, there’s an invention that is like a lipstick and glue stick but what’s inside is a butter!
You just apply it on your bread just like a glue stick and voila! You now have a butter sandwich instantly, minus the fuss!
This also caters to the butter addicts! You can just simply eat it straight!

Another is this one which crossed our path today thanks to former magazine editor turned Rio resident Hywel Teague. He gleefully informed us that, according to this company, the modern alpha male is apparently painting his nails with polish. Yes, just like chicks do.

OK, yes, Chuck Liddell and Chris Leben paint their nails. I’m not going to argue with them because they could batter me and their achievements in MMA cancel out this foray into femininity. Regardless, I still think it looks crap – Leben kinda carries it off though – and it definitely won’t suit the average tubby bar-stool resident.

Disagree? Visit the Alpha Nail (see what they’ve done there?) site and stock up. Their man-polishes are designed like syringes or bullets or something, for an added manly edge, and they come in a range of delightful colours which is sure to delight your, er, inner alpha male teenage princess.

(one good reason to wear nail polish is highlighted on the site – it covers up fungal nails, which look nasty. If this is you, by all means go nuts and allow your crumbly nails to taste the rainbow and spare the rest of us from looking at them.)