Reza Madadi has been found guilty of robbing a designer handbag store in Sweden and has been sentenced to jail.

The UFC lightweight was in the Stockholm district court today to receive the judgment, news of which comes from MMA Viking.

He was sentenced to one year and six months along with a fine of 678 110 SEK to the Image Group AB, owner of the designer handbag store which was robbed in May of $150,000 worth of stock in the middle of the night.

Madadi and his co-accused continue to deny the allegations. A third suspect is still awaiting apprehension.

Since being arrested on May 24, Madadi – who is Iranian by birth – has been detained in jail. The time served thus far will be deducted from his sentence.

He may also get time off for good behavior, meaning the overall time in jail might be around six months.

Madadi is under suspension from the Swedish MMA authority and from the UFC. He has four weeks to enter an appeal. He is likely to be released from his UFC contract in the near future and will find it difficult to obtain a visa for the USA in future regardless of how the appeal goes.

Back in 2009, Madadi was accused of being involved in ‘the Västberga helicopter robbery’, which took place in September 2009. A cash service depot was robbed in Västberga in southern Stockholm, Sweden by robbers using a stolen Bell 206 Jet Ranger to land on the roof.

Police helicopters were disabled by having decoy bombs placed next to them in advance of the robbery. Madadi was one of a number of people arrested but he was later released without charge. A number of people received lengthy sentences in 2010 although it is generally held that not everyone involved has been apprehended.