Chuck Liddell’s coach John Hackleman drops in on the Joe Rogan Experience for a chat about all manner of subjects, MMA and otherwise.

One topic which came up was Randy Couture, and the conversation turned to Couture being banned from cornering his son Ryan in the UFC after having jumped ship from Zuffa to work for the rival Bellator MMA organization.

Rogan clearly didn’t think it was fair to prevent Ryan having his father in his corner, as he explained to Hackleman.

“Dana White is a very competitive guy. He has very strong ideas about loyalty and the UFC is everything to him. I am a different kind of guy and I don’t fault anybody for competing in another organization…” says Rogan.

“I think the world is pretty big, there is plenty of room. If the UFC wasn’t using Randy und he goes over and is on Bellator coaching I honestly think that makes the UFC look better. You wanted to get this UFC champion on your show its like a free ad for the UFC.

“It doesn’t change anything for the UFC or Bellator. What it does do is gives Randy Couture money. I just think the UFC is fine, its going nowhere. To Dana it’s like, ‘You’re on my team or you’re against me.’”

However, Rogan then did state that he was actually being something of “a hypocrite” because his own loyalties mean he would never commentate for any other organization. “If I leave the UFC I am done, I am never doing this for anyone else,” he says.