Welterweight MMA veteran Jordan Mein has retired from the sport at just 25 years old. The news was first reported on UFC Tonight.

“I’m super happy with the way my career went and everything I’ve done in the sport, so I don’t really have that feeling of ‘I can’t retire because I haven’t done anything in my career and I don’t feel satisfied,'” Mein told UFC.com. “I do feel satisfied, and I’m happy with myself. I’m not coming to the gym saying ‘I made the wrong decision.’ I’m feeling good about the choices I made in my career. I think it would be different if I didn’t feel that way and if it was a forced situation.”

Despite his young age, Jordan has 39 pro MMA bouts under his belt, having made his pro debut at 16 against top UFC 170lb fighter Rory MacDonald (also 16 at the time). Of his 10 losses, Mein has suffered only three by TKO but is known for his all-out brawling style and has been through some all-out wars inside the cage. It’s possible the toll this style of fighting has taken on his body could be at least partly why he has decided to hang up his gloves, although the Canadian has not specified this as a reason.

So what’s next for the two-time UFC post-fight bonus winner?

“I really got into teaching,” Mein said. “I love martial arts, it’s just the competition side of it, staying at that high intensity and high level, and I’m going to a different aspect of life. I just don’t want to compete anymore at the highest level. I still love to compete in the gym, and I’m more into wanting to teach and maybe even going a different route and getting away from martial arts and doing something else. I don’t know yet.”

Mein’s decision to retire comes just days after another 20-something UFC fighter, Frankie Perez, announced he was hanging up his gloves. 26-year-old Perez retired immediately after his knockout win over Sam Stout this past weekend at UFC Fight Night 74, citing his health and his family as the reasons behind the decision. It is unknown whether Frankie’s early retirement influenced Mein’s own decision to get out of the game sooner rather than later.

Jordan Mein retires from MMA with a pro record of 29-10. His most notable wins include victories over UFC veterans Josh Burkman, Mike Pyle and Joe Riggs.