Every MMA fan knows how passionate former UFC welterweight champion Georges St Pierre is about competitive fighting, but all may not know he is perhaps equally passionate about dinosaurs. But that’s all about to change as GSP has landed a role as the host of a new two-part show all about his beloved prehistoric lizards.

The Boneyard with Georges St Pierre will be broadcast on History in St Pierre’s native Canada, premiering on April 14th, and will feature the former 170lb champ travelling to various locations across the globe, including Argentina and South Dakota, to discover fascinating facts about prehistoric times.

St Pierre has not competed in MMA since his November 2013 win over Johny Hendricks. He vacated the UFC title shortly after the win and it has remained unclear whether or not he will ever return to MMA competition.

GSP’s new hosting duties may worry some fans that a potential MMA return is now completely off the table, but the documentary was filmed last year meaning an MMA comeback in the near future is not totally outside the realm of possibility.