The stage is set for the extension of a world record. This Saturday, Spain becomes the 30th nation to host a Brave Combat Federation, as the organization extends its lead as the most global MMA promotion in the world.

But before the 10 gladiators make it official inside the Brave CF Arena, they had to go through two last trials – the weigh-ins and staredowns. And while one of them failed at the weigh-in, they’ve all made the historic event official.

In the main event of the evening, Acoidan Duque and Donovan Desmae had the most tense staredown of the ceremony, as they both put their hands up and stared each other down with an intensity that was felt around the entire room. Desmae had earlier failed to make weight, but the bout was confirmed after they negotiated a percentage of his purse going to Duque.

In the co-main event, there was also a lot of tension in the air as Kevin Cordero and Levan Kirtadze stepped up to see each other eye to eye one final time before fight night. They never took their gaze off each other, giving fans a glimpse of what’s to be expected when Brave CF 75 rolls around.

Elsewhere on the card, Omar Hussein and Alexander Mikael shook hands but also kept the tone of the evening with another intense staredown, with the same happening in the Quentin Dumont vs Anuar Bensayiid fight.

Brave CF 75 takes place Saturday, November 18, in association with leading local promotion Fight2One.

Brave CF 75: Official weigh-in results

  • Acoidan Duque (74.9kg) vs. Donovan Desmae (76.4kg*)
  • Kevin Cordero (65.62kg) vs. Levan Kirtadze (65.52kg)
  • Alexander Mikael (77kg) vs. Omar Hussein (76.9kg)
  • Ubay Gonzalez (59kg) vs. Jawany Scott (59kg)
  • Anuar Bensayiid (70.52kg) vs. Quentin Dumont (69.62kg)

* Fighter missed weight, forfeits 35 percent of his fight purse