This week, Team Claudia’s Lanchana Green recaps her experience watching two teammates go at it in the cage and looks ahead excitedly to her own upcoming fight.

On to the semi finals! First from our team to fight were Eric Spicely and Andrew Sanchez. I felt a bit bad for them as they were literally each other’s main training partner – Cory Hendricks and Abdel Medjedoub were injured early on which meant they didn’t always train with the team, so Eric and Andrew became close. That being said, it is a competition.

Meanwhile Cory’s injury was not improving in the slightest. I was so glad when he pulled out. Fighting with messed up feet is one thing but an injury to your neck is not to be taken lightly. It wasn’t worth risking his career or long-term health over, so I was happy he chose to fight another day.

Me and Amanda Cooper – scheduled to fight in week 11 – got along just fine, but I was mentally prepared to fight anyone. You have to be! Your opponent could change at any time. That’s the way I see it; you have to believe that you are the best and that you can beat anyone in front of you.

So who else thought this year’s coaches’ challenge was brilliant? I was laughing so much watching it back. We were so proud of Claudia, she did brilliant. It really was so high up I’d have been terrified! Then Dana gets up there and I felt a tiny bit sorry for him. He genuinely looked like he was going to pass out but it was funny to watch him get dunked. It was a nice break from the usual routine of house and gym.

Onto this week’s fight and there’s not much of a run down…

Andrew lands a whopping overhand right followed up with a head kick and it pretty much just goes downhill for Eric from there. It was sad to see. I like both of them but really got along with Eric. But I know he’ll be back and I look forward to seeing them both fight again.

Next week is yours truly vs. Amanda Cooper – don’t miss it!

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