Let the dice decide which 145lb’er is king by playing FO’s fantasy featherweight game – fun for all the family!

You will need:

  • 2 players
  • 2 standard dice
  • Player stats cards
  • Stopwatch

The rules:

Just like real MMA, the game is broken up into three or five five-minute rounds. The object of the game is to roll low when both attacking and defending to progress. Fights are won either by knockout, TKO, submission or decision. Stalling with the dice (lay ’n’ pray) is punishable by immediate turnover of the dice.

Attack: Part 1

  1. Each player chooses or randomly selects one fighter stat card to play with. Set your stopwatch to count down from five minutes.
  2. When the clock starts, both players take turns to roll the dice. Whoever rolls the lowest number attacks first.
  3. The attacker begins by choosing a standing attack. They can punch, kick or shoot for a takedown.
  4. Each attack has a value between 1 and 10. The attacker must roll that number or below to ensure their attack has a chance for success.
  5. If the player rolls high, the attack is automatically defended and the roles are reversed. It’s now the opposing player’s turn to attack!
  6. If the player rolls successfully, then the attack has been thrown and must be to be defended.
  7. It’s now the turn of the defender to fend off the attack using the defensive stat that corresponds to the attack that was just thrown. They use the block stat to defend a punch, check for a kick and TD defence for a takedown. They must roll that number or below.
  8. If the defender rolls successfully, their defence is good! The roles are reversed, and it’s the defender’s turn to attempt an attack in the same way.
  9. However, if the defender rolls high then the attack lands successfully. Example: Conor McGregor is attacking and wants to throw a punch. His punch is rated as 9. He rolls a 4 which means the punch is thrown. José Aldo is defending with a block rating of 8, but he rolls a 9, so McGregor’s punch lands.
  10. If the attacker lands a successful punch or kick, they get to attack again.
  11. If the attacker lands three consecutive punches or kicks he scores a knockdown, taking the fight to
  12. If the attacking player successfully shoots for a takedown at any time, the fight immediately goes to Attack: Part 2.

Attack: Part 2

  1. With the defender now on the canvas the attacker can choose from two options: ground ’n’ pound or submission.
  2. Like the standup portion of the fight, the attacker must roll a number equal to or below their rating for GnP or submission on the stat card.
  3. As before, if the attacker rolls high, their move is unsuccessful, the referee stands the fighters up and the defending player can now attempt an attack.
  4. If the attacker rolls successfully, the defender gets the chance to brush it off by rolling a number equal to or below the value of their corresponding defence skill: guard for GnP, or sub def for submission.
  5. If the defender rolls high, then it is all over! The fight ends with either a TKO or submission victory for the attacker.
  6. If the defender rolls successfully, the attack is thwarted and the dice go back to the attacking player, who gets to attack again with either GnP or submission.
  7. If the attacker doesn’t score either a GnP or submission finish after three rolls then the referee stands the fighters up and it becomes the defender’s turn to go on the attack.


  • Any attacker who rolls a double scores an immediate knockdown if the fight is on the feet, or a winning submission on the ground.
  • Any defender who rolls a double lands a counter in the standup and takes control of the dice to attack. If they roll a double on the ground, they scramble, get to their feet and get the chance to attack.

Snake Eyes

  • Rolling a double 1 is a haymaker knockout strike that results in a straight victory for whichever player rolls it at any time during the fight – whether they’re attacking or defending.


  • At the end of each five-minute round, the player who spent the most time attacking wins the round 10-9.
  • Whoever wins the most rounds wins the fight by decision.

Official game cards:

Get more official game cards inside the current issue of Fighters Only.