Charming lovebirds ‘War Machine’ and Christy Mack have gotten new tattoos to mark their affection for each other.

The fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver has a giant ‘Mack’ tattooed across his throat while Ms Mack herself has a no less restrained ‘Property of War Machine’ emblazoned on the upper-right quarter of her back.

Ms Mack will be better known to many of you (most of you, judging by the looks of you lot when we’ve met at fight shows…) as an adult entertainer in the full-contact world of hardcore pron (< deliberate misspelling for the sake of your workplace internet filter).

War Machine recently got released from jail and it wasn’t long before he and Ms Mack were an item. Things are obviously going very well between the pair and no doubt these tattoos will, like their relationship, age like a fine wine as the years tick away.