Catch an arm triangle as your opponent tries to escape mount.


1. Casey attempts a hip escape from Vinny’s mount, so he moves his right knee to stop it being pushed, which would open the door for him.


2. Vinny stands up onto his right foot in the same spot his knee was and drops his left hip into Casey’s lower back.


3. Vinny then underhooks his right arm under Casey’s right arm and around the back of his head.


4. As Vinny locks his hands together, he tucks his head behind Casey’s ear and presses his body weight – and Casey’s shoulders – to the mat.


5. As he steps his right leg out of Casey’s guard, Vinny keeps pressure on his stomach with his right knee to maintain control.


6. Vinny skips his left leg out to create leverage to drive down with his right shoulder as he squeezes to force the choke and get the tap.


Top Tips

White Belt: If your opponent just won’t tap, you need to adjust your position. Squeezing harder might not work and could gas your arms out.

Purple Belt: You don’t have to finish this choke in a knee-on-belly position. You can also cut off the angle in side control and walk your body up towards your opponent’s head.

Black Belt: If you’re really powerful you can pull off an arm triangle from full guard like Rick Story on Brian Foster at UFC 103.