0 0 Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson wrestling technique: Single-leg takedown

Launch any number of attacks by mastering a single-leg takedown.   1. From an orthodox stance, Pedro throws a jab at Kenny’s head.   2. Kenny changes levels and shoots on the front leg, keeping his head up.   3. Kenny closes the distance quickly and locks his hands behind his leg.   4. With … Continued

0 0 Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell grappling technique: Kneebar from half guard

A little hip swivel is all you need to grab a kneebar from half guard.   1. Ricky begins in Frank’s half guard, but struggles to land any effective strikes or pass to a dominant position.   2. If Frank stays there, Ricky can take a two-on-one grip on his left hand, push it down … Continued

0 0 Jimmy Pedro Jr

Jimmy Pedro judo technique: Yoko tomoe nage throw

Hit a spectacular takedown with judo’s yoko tomoe nage throw.   1. Jimmy grips Riley’s lapel with his left hand and the cuff of the left sleeve with his right hand.   2. As Jimmy steps to the side to fake a throw, Riley reacts by pushing his hips back to stop it.   3. … Continued

0 0 Ricky Lundell

Ricky Lundell grappling technique: Inverted heel hook

Your step-by-step guide to moving from half guard and securing a tap out using an inverted heel hook.   1. Ricky begins by attacking Frank, who is defending in the half guard position.   2. Ricky plants his hands on the mat for balance and turns to step his left leg back, over Frank’s left … Continued

0 0 Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Pointed elbow strike

The right way to throw a pointed strike for maximum damage.   1. Greg is postured up in the mount position.   2. Greg turns his hand away and opens his palm.   3. To make sure he’s balanced when he throws the strike, Greg plants his right hand on the mat.   4. Dropping … Continued

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