Use rubber guard to get a gogoplata and your next submission bonus.

1. Beginning in full guard, Vinny postures down on Casey.

2. Vinny hips out and leans forward to pull his right leg over Casey’s neck. 

3. He pushes Casey’s head just enough to slide his shin under his chin. 

4. Reaching over with his right hand, Vinny takes grip on his right foot. 

5. Once Vinny has grabbed his foot, he rolls back to the center with Casey’s head trapped between his arm and shin. 

6. If that doesn’t get the finish, Vinny can triangle his legs for an even tighter choke. 

Top tips

White belt: Because you’re going to choke with your right leg, don’t go too fat when you hip out.

Purple belt: You should be able to bring your leg over your opponent’s head. Don’t push their head out too fat and give them the opportunity to escape.

Black belt: You can trick your opponent into thinking you’re setting up a kimura or omoplata because the set-up is the same.