Launch any number of attacks by mastering a single-leg takedown.


1. From an orthodox stance, Pedro throws a jab at Kenny’s head.


2. Kenny changes levels and shoots on the front leg, keeping his head up.


3. Kenny closes the distance quickly and locks his hands behind his leg.


4. With a firm hold of Pedro’s trapped leg, Kenny pulls it into his chest.


5. From here, Kenny can drive forward to take Pedro down.


6. He can also attack after taking control of Pedro’s ankle under his armpit.


Top Tips

High School: Make sure you don’t drive your head into your opponent’s ribs and risk getting caught in a submission.

College: Make sure your opponent doesn’t close the distance and strike while your head is unprotected in the final position.

Olympian: If you’re an accomplished grappler, you can also use your hold on your opponent’s ankle to set up a submission.