Tie up your victim before finishing with them with a kimura.


1. Casey is postured up in Vinny’s guard, out of reach of submissions and strikes.


2. Vinny sits up and establishes a Gable grip behind Casey’s neck.


3. Vinny then pulls Casey down to the mat where he is much more vulnerable.


4. With Casey now on his chest, Vinny moves his right hip out.


5. He establishes rubber guard by pulling his right ankle to the back of Casey’s neck.


6. He holds the leg in position by grabbing his right ankle with his left hand.


7. Vinny grabs hold of Casey’s right wrist and torques it backwards.


8. By grabbing his own wrist he is can push it further up.


9. Vinny turns his body slightly to get more leverage and tighten the kimura.


Top Tips

White belt: Stretching is essential to get the fl exibility for rubber guard.

Purple belt: Also known as mission control, rubber guard is a move attributed to 10th Planet Jiu- Jitsu founder Eddie Bravo.

Black belt: Once locked in rubber guard, you can also look to land strikes rather than a submission.