Get your opponent to expose himself so you can do some real damage.

1. Fernando throws a long right cross from orthodox stance

2. As Rafael covers up, Fernando steps in to close the distance.

3. He digs in a left body shot, which should brings Rafael’s guard down. 

4. Fernando takes a small step back as he throws a left hook to the head.

5. To finish off the combination, Fernando steps back in and throws a right elbow to the top of Rafael’s head. 

6. If that doesn’t knock Rafael down, Fernando steps back out of range and returns to fighting stance. 

Top tips

Student: The initial right cross is as much a range finder as anything else. Snap it out.

KRU: Save your power for the left hook to the head after your opponent covers up off the body punch.

Master: Try switching the final strike to a right knee by pulling the head down with your left hand after the hook.