A fail safe path to finishing off that single-leg takedown.


1. Pedro’s left foot is trapped under Kenny’s left arm. Kenny cups Pedro’s knee with his right hand for extra support.


2. Kenny lets go of his left arm grip, maintaining his hold with his right hand as he keeps Pedro’s leg elevated with his left thigh. 


3. As Kenny secures a two-arm grip again with Pedro’s ankle over his left elbow, he plants his left leg back to the mat.


4. Kenny drops his hips into a staggered stance, faces Pedro and raises his ankle onto his shoulder. 


5. Kenny puts Pedro off-balance by straightening his legs.


6. Pedro falls and Kenny follows him to the mat to keep him there. 


Top tips

High school: Feint lower leg kicks to ensure your opponent doesn’t focus on his escape.

College: Before finishing this takedown, manoeuvre your opponent into the center of the cage.

Olympian: Once your foe is grounded, roll them onto their side to land in side control.