You can still take control when someone’s bearing down on you.


1. Vinny has his guard open with sleeve control and his left foot on Scott’s bicep.


2. Using his right foot, Vinny hooks behind Scott’s right knee.


3. Vinny pulls Scott towards him and forces him to step towards his shoulder.


4. Vinny hooks Scott’s leg with his right arm to establish another point of control.


5. After placing his left foot on Scott’s knee, Vinny straightens his legs to elevate Scott.


6. By pulling on Scott’s sleeve, Vinny is able to steer him to one side.


7. Keeping a hold of Scott’s limbs, Vinny finishes with his knee on Scott’s stomach.


Top Tips

White Belt: You must keep tension on your opponent’s arms in this open guard position (spider guard). Do this by straightening your legs as they attempt to pass.

Purple Belt: Lift your opponent’s head and point your toes to apply maximum pressure when you have your knee on their stomach.

Black Belt: Keeping a hold of your opponent’s arm once you’ve swept them gives you the option to transition to an armbar.