Georges St–Pierre is a one-off. A rare human, dripping with achievements that ensure he’s never been considered for mass production.

He’s a two-division MMA world champion. He lost just twice and avenged both losses with decisive victories. He went on to stay at the top of the game for seven years and retired with nothing left to prove.

Unlike many other retired fighters, if you had to look at him now, he seems ready to step in the octagon, without having aged at all. Fighters Only caught up with him to learn his secrets and thoughts on the fight game.


Why Keep Fight Fit?

With a body that has copped so much abuse, why does GSP continue to include it into his weekly exercise routine?

“The fight game will always be one of the most popular sports because fighting is something that’s primal to us,” he explains.

“Everybody can identify with it. It’s something you know when you’re born. Not everyone is a good fighter, but most people will have been in at least one situation in their lives where they’ve been required to fight, either to protect themselves or someone they love.”

It’s easy to see why he maintains a mixed approach to all activity and still trains to be the best.


Reflection Is Important

GSP faced the most dangerous men on the planet and came out on top. This is a fact he remembers when asked about his toughest adversary.

“My toughest opponent was Michael Bisping and the guy that give me the toughest fight was BJ Pen in our first fight,” smiles GSP.

“The guys I think that are the toughest, now? Well, there are a few. Volkanovski, Usman and Moreno are the top three fighters’ pound for pound.”

How can this help you? Well, looking back on previous hardship can make you realize that you’re capable of dealing with difficult elements in front of you. Even watching a meaningful movie about overcoming adversity can help you cope with life’s difficulties, found a paper at Ohio State University. Rudy. Remember the Titans. King Richard. Take your pick.


Finding The Future

Being able to keep a mindful eye on the future is always key to the kind of stress reduction that will keep you living longer so where does GSP think MMA is heading?

“In the last five years the fighters are better than they ever were before,” he says.

“The fighters of tomorrow will be even better so the best fighter of all time is not even born yet. The sport will still improve because of technology and knowledge that continues to make a huge difference.

“Like Isaac Newton says, we stand on shoulders of giants, so the previous generation can learn from their predecessors. This means you don’t do the same mistakes as time goes by.”

Sage advice worth remembering each day so keep seeking the new information that can help improve every aspect of yourself.


Staying Motivated & Ready

Exercise improves longevity, there’s no doubt about it, but finding the motivation to keep at it, especially in the face of injuries, can be tricky. GSP has a unique perspective on this.

“I’ve always trained because I like to be fit and it’s my therapy,” he explains.

“I’ve done it all my life, since I was a kid, and it’s just a routine that I do that helps me feel better in my own skin.  I don’t believe training will help you to be a better fighter.

“However, it will help with longevity and injury. It will also help you to look good, which makes you feel good and that can make you comfortable in your own skin and make you healthier.

“If you drive a car you need to give it a service and the same thing goes for your body in terms of strength and conditioning. It’s a service on your body at one point you will hurt yourself and get an injury.”


Keeping The Engine Running

With so much wear and tear on his joints, GSP has developed unique habits for staying so impressively fit and agile.

“I use the CBD products from Love Hemp, especially the cream, which helps when I have a sore joint. It’s my favorite supplement and I put on their CBD Infused Body Salve cream first thing in the morning on the painful joints and before bed because it helps me sleep.”

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