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Withdrawal Symptoms

The show must go on, but when fighters have to pull out at the eleventh hour, the repercussions are often serious. The financial, physical and emotional impact of pullouts just add to the already brutal demands made by MMA: sometimes the one thing worse than fighting is not fighting. The world of combat sports, by … Continued

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King of the Ring

His word has been law inside the octagon for almost 25 years, during which time JOHN MCCARTHY has stamped his larger-than-life personality all over MMA, making the sport what it is today. Let’s get it on! There are few more iconic figures in the sport of MMA than ‘Big’ John McCarthy. A former LA police … Continued

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Bloody but Unbowed

Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort have both called time on their storied careers. FIGHTERS ONLY looks back at their remarkable achievements in the sport and how the two warriors’ intertwined careers have created a legacy few will equal. May, 2018, will be remembered in Mixed Martial Arts for the retirement of two juggernauts of the … Continued

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Jhenny’s from heaven!

At least that seems to be the verdict of all fight fans as JHENNY ANDRADE retains her title as ringcard girl of the year. who are we to argue? it’s another well-deserved win for the Brazilian model Believe it or not, there have been many comments from fans relating to the legitimacy of awarding a … Continued

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Super Max

Newly-crowned Fighter of the Year and fan favorite, Max Holloway has done it the hard way and turned his life around to become undisputed champion. Now he’s ready to avenge his early UFC defeats and take on all-comers at his weight… and beyond. Max Holloway believes being “a fighting chameleon” is the way to the … Continued

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