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UFC 242 – Khabib Vs Poirier – Betting Guide with 5Dimes

The UFC returns to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for one of the biggest cards of the year. We have a unification bout as Champion vs Interim Champion collide and 13 other bouts on the card. As always, we’ll be giving you picks for the best bets on the card and 5Dimes will be providing … Continued

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UFC 229 Fight Week Diary Day #5: It’s Time To Go

Fighters Only’s UFC 229 Fight Week Diary is brought to you by 5Dimes. LAS VEGAS — UFC 229 is upon us and we are just a matter of hours away from Khabib Nurmagomedov facing Conor McGregor. Friday was a day where we collectively all held our breath. Would both of them weigh-in ok? Would we … Continued

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Greg Jackson MMA technique: Crucifix position

How to make someone suffer by nailing a crucifix.   1. Greg is in side control, but Julie stops him from passing around.   2. Greg drops his hip and starts attacking Julie with elbow strikes.   3. Julie stops the attack by putting her hand on Greg’s bicep.   4. By putting his knee … Continued

50 1 Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Body kick counter

Drop your foe hard with this cunning body kick ambush. 1. Both fighters are in orthodox stance and Greg steps out with his left foot to enable him to pivot. 2. Greg swings his hips as he fakes a kick and brings his right leg around in front of him. 3. Greg turns his back … Continued