This airbourne heel hook isn’t for the faint hearted but it will get results.


1. Ricky grabs a single collar tie and takes control of Frank’s bicep with his other hand.


2. Still holding onto Frank, Ricky raises his right leg up and wraps it around Frank’s right thigh.


3. Ricky releases his grip on Frank’s bicep and grabs the back of his knee.


4. He then swings his left leg in between Frank’s legs and locks in a triangle.


5. Dropping down to the mat, Ricky locks his feet together to tighten his grip on Frank’s leg.


6. While on the mat, Ricky underhooks the back of Frank’s left ankle so he’s unable to step backward and get out of the submission.


7. Ricky extends his legs, which should cause Frank to topple over onto his back.


8. Ricky keeps his knee pinched to make sure Frank isn’t able to scoot away, turns his body so he’s lying face down.


Top Tips

White belt: Heel hooks are incredibly dangerous and this drill should be walked through slowly first.

Purple belt: Once on your back, don’t delay forcing your opponent down to avoid taking ground ‘n’ pound.

Black belt: Keep control of the right ankle initially when your foe hits the mat to prevent any escape.