Unleash a strong counter combination off your opponent’s power strike.


1. Rafael throws a low kick, Fernando blocks the strike by lifting his left shin.


2. As his leg comes down, Fernando switches his stance from orthadox.


3. Fernando throws his counter kick from the southpaw stance.


4. Following the kick, Fernando plants his left foot forward and throws a right cross.


5. To keep pressure on Rafael, Fernando continues his combo by throwing a left hook.


6. To finish, Fernando steps across to his left and lands a low kick on Rafael’s lead leg.


Top Tips

Student: Incoprorate checking kicks into your shadowboxing warm-up. The more you practice the quicker your reactions will be in sparring.

KRY: To avoid a broken foot and cause maximum damage, make sure you land with the middle of your shin when you’re throwing a low kick.

Master: Leg kicks are a good way to finish combinations, as your opponent is not likely to see them coming if they’re covering their head.