Combined MMA

0 0 Rafael Cordeiro

Rafael Cordeiro Muay Thai technique: Counter combination

Unleash a strong counter combination off your opponent’s power strike.   1. Rafael throws a low kick, Fernando blocks the strike by lifting his left shin.   2. As his leg comes down, Fernando switches his stance from orthadox.   3. Fernando throws his counter kick from the southpaw stance.   4. Following the kick, … Continued

0 0 Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Double-leg takedown from jab

How the old boxing staple can mask a million attacks, like this perfect double-leg takedown.   1. Greg steps forward with his jab to close the distance.    2. Greg changes levels and takes a single-leg.   3. Julie counters by wrapping Greg’s neck up in a guillotine.   4. Greg brings his back leg … Continued

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