A out-of-the-blue flying knee to stun your opponent.


1. Fernando throws a left hook, which exposes the left side of his head and allows Rafael to counter.


2. Rafael steps out to his left and stiff-arms Fernando’s hook by putting his right hand to Fernando’s left shoulder.


3. Immediately afterward, Rafael uses his right hand to grab behind Fernando’s head.


4. Rafael pulls on Fernando’s head, turns to the left to create space and pushes off his left leg.


5. Rafael swings his right knee up and around to connect with a devastating blow.


Top Tips

Student: When you extend your right arm, you can protect your chin from a hook with your shoulder.

Kru: You can help to create a more forceful impact by continuing to pull down on your opponent’s head.

Master: Protect yourself at all times. Use your left arm to cover up so you’re not caught with a counter right hand.