Hit a harai goshi hip throw before you close the show with an armbar.


1. Aaron grabs Jimmy’s lapel with his right hand to start an attack against him.


2. Jimmy raises his left arm inside Aaron and grabs his lapel with his right hand. 


3. Jimmy now has an overhook and has passed Aaron’s lapel to his left hand for a tighter grip. 


4. To open up the body, Jimmy grabs Aaron’s sleeve with his right hand and pulls his arms up. 


5. With firm control, Jimmy steps in and brings his hips in line with Aaron’s. 


6. Jimmy reaps Aaron’s knee while he pulls with his hands and turns his hips to throw.


7. As Aaron lands, Jimmy keeps control of his left arm and moves his shin onto Aaron’s ribs.



Top tips

White belt: After pinching your knees, arch your back to add extra torque on the armbar for the finish.

Brown belt: For MMA, you could also use your right hand on your opponent’s hip to control distance before you throw.

Black belt: You can do this move without a gi using a left underhook, then by pushing your opponent’s opposite hip back to create space to use your hips.