Jimmy Pedro judo technique: Yoko tomoe nage throw

Hit a spectacular takedown with judo’s yoko tomoe nage throw.   1. Jimmy grips Riley’s lapel with his left hand and the cuff of the left sleeve with his right hand.   2. As Jimmy steps to the side to fake a throw, Riley reacts by pushing his hips back to stop it.   3. … Continued

Jimmy Pedro Jr judo technique: Harai goshi hip throw

Hit a harai goshi hip throw before you close the show with an armbar.   1. Aaron grabs Jimmy’s lapel with his right hand to start an attack against him.   2. Jimmy raises his left arm inside Aaron and grabs his lapel with his right hand.    3. Jimmy now has an overhook and … Continued

Jimmy Pedro judo technique: The sushi roll

Toss your opponent with a delicious sushi roll.   1. Jimmy grabs Riley’s collar behind the neck with his right hand and uses his left hand to grab his belt.   2. Jimmy shoots his left leg inside Riley’s right thigh, then uses his arms and bent legs to lift Riley’s upper body high.   … Continued