A little hip swivel is all you need to grab a kneebar from half guard.


1. Ricky begins in Frank’s half guard, but struggles to land any effective strikes or pass to a dominant position.


2. If Frank stays there, Ricky can take a two-on-one grip on his left hand, push it down and lock it to his chest.


3. With his right knee still on the mat, Ricky moves his weight to his right and swings his left leg over Frank.


4. Now Ricky is facing away from Frank and sitting on his left hip, which should stop him from recovering position.


5. Ricky leans to his left hip and sits to the side to roll Frank over, then pinches his knees and crosses his feet to control the leg.


6. He grabs the heel with his left hand and brings his right arm over Frank’s foot so it’s tight in his armpit. He cranks and Frank taps.


Top Tips:

White Belt: A leg is much stronger than an arm, so you’ll need even more control than you would for an armbar.

Purple Belt: You can stop an attacker spinning for the kneebar by controlling them with double underhooks by holding their head.

Black Belt: Only go for the kneebar if you’re sure you can pull it off. If your opponent sees it coming, the transition is a great opportunity for them to scramble and recover position.