Put your opponent on their back with a modified cross-grip kouchi gari.


1. Jimmy has a cross-grip on Aaron’s right sleeve.


2. He uses this wrist control to move Aaron’s arm across his own body.


3. Jimmy squares off with his right foot and grabs the back of Aaron’s belt with his left hand.


4. Jimmy steps his left foot behind Aaron’s left ankle so he can be in a position to reap Aaron’s left leg.


5. Jimmy releases his grip on Aaron’s sleeve and moves his hand to grab the back of his left knee.


6. Jimmy drives forward through his opponent with his upper body and picks the knee to complete the takedown.


Top Tips

White belt: Kouchi gari translates as ‘small inner reap’ in English, and is traditionally a foot technique.

Brown belt: In MMA, by grabbing behind your opponent’s knee, you can make sure you have control of your opponent as they go to ground.

Black belt: To get maximum control of Aaron’s leg (step 3), Jimmy has it caught on the area between his big toe and shin.