Turn a mount escape into an ankle lock to force a quick tap out.


1. Frank starts in mount position. Ricky brings both hands to push against Frank’s stomach.


2. Ricky bridges Frank by popping his hips back and arching his back off the mat. 


3. Ricky pushes Frank to the side to create space.


4. He then slips his right knee through Frank’s legs. 


5. Ricky brings his left foot over the top of Frank’s back leg and immediately pinches his legs together. 


6. By pushing away and moving his hips back, Ricky forces Frank’s right leg to extend, leaving his foot under Ricky’s arm. 


7. Ricky hooks his left arm around Frank’s leg to trap his limb. 


8. To finish, Ricky arches his back with the grip secured.


Top tips

White belt: Digging the blade of the wrist into our opponent’s ankle is painful and will make them tap more easily.

Purple belt: It’s possible to finish with a figure-four grip on the leg, but it’s much easier with the guillotine grip.

Black belt: Many people think this is purely a pain submission, but that’s not true. A tight lock can tear ligaments and tendons or break bones.