The right way to throw a pointed strike for maximum damage.


1. Greg is postured up in the mount position.


2. Greg turns his hand away and opens his palm.


3. To make sure he’s balanced when he throws the strike, Greg plants his right hand on the mat.


4. Dropping his body into the shot and bending his right arm, Greg throws his left elbow.


5. Greg’s elbow connects with Julie’s head for a powerful, concussive blow, which could also cut her.


Top Tips

Amateur: When mounted, tie one of your opponent’s arms up with an overhook, then bridge and roll towards that side to reverse the position.

Semi-Pro: Keeping your opponent’s head elevated and pinching your knees will make your mount harder to escape.

Professional: For efficiency, throw your elbows immediately after your opponent tries to buck you off, as they will be flat on the mat.