Greg Jackson MMA technique: Crucifix position

How to make someone suffer by nailing a crucifix.   1. Greg is in side control, but Julie stops him from passing around.   2. Greg drops his hip and starts attacking Julie with elbow strikes.   3. Julie stops the attack by putting her hand on Greg’s bicep.   4. By putting his knee … Continued

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Body kick counter

Drop your foe hard with this cunning body kick ambush. 1. Both fighters are in orthodox stance and Greg steps out with his left foot to enable him to pivot. 2. Greg swings his hips as he fakes a kick and brings his right leg around in front of him. 3. Greg turns his back … Continued

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Pointed elbow strike

The right way to throw a pointed strike for maximum damage.   1. Greg is postured up in the mount position.   2. Greg turns his hand away and opens his palm.   3. To make sure he’s balanced when he throws the strike, Greg plants his right hand on the mat.   4. Dropping … Continued

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Round kick from the ground

Catch your opponent of guard by mastering the unorthodox round kick from the canvas. 1. John is standing over Greg, whose guard is up.   2. Greg drops his right hip and bases out on his right elbow   3. By extending his right arm to protect himself, Greg pushes away from the mat with … Continued

Greg Jackson MMA technique: Double-leg takedown from jab

How the old boxing staple can mask a million attacks, like this perfect double-leg takedown.   1. Greg steps forward with his jab to close the distance.    2. Greg changes levels and takes a single-leg.   3. Julie counters by wrapping Greg’s neck up in a guillotine.   4. Greg brings his back leg … Continued