Toss your opponent with a delicious sushi roll.


1. Jimmy grabs Riley’s collar behind the neck with his right hand and uses his left hand to grab his belt.


2. Jimmy shoots his left leg inside Riley’s right thigh, then uses his arms and bent legs to lift Riley’s upper body high.


3. Slipping his right foot inside Riley’s left thigh, Jimmy drops to his back and pulls Riley toward his head.


4. Jimmy swims his right hand under Riley’s left arm and squeezes Riley close to him.


5. To roll to his left, Jimmy pinches his left elbow tight to Riley’s body as he elevates him with his legs.


6. As Riley lands on his back, Jimmy drops his right hip to the mat and posts his left foot, pinning Riley in side control.


Top Tips

White Belt: The key is to get a big lift by using your arms and legs to elevate your opponent.

Brown Belt: Clear your legs away from your opponent as soon as you land so they can’t establish their guard.

Black Belt: It is possible to do this move in MMA, but you will have to start from butterfly guard, as there’s no collar to lift your opponent.