Hit a spectacular takedown with judo’s yoko tomoe nage throw.


1. Jimmy grips Riley’s lapel with his left hand and the cuff of the left sleeve with his right hand.


2. As Jimmy steps to the side to fake a throw, Riley reacts by pushing his hips back to stop it.


3. Pivoting on his left foot, Jimmy sits down as he brings his right foot to Riley’s hip.


4. Jimmy sits as close to Riley’s ankle as possible, elevates him with his foot and uses his arms to steer him over his shoulder.


5. As Riley hits the mat, Jimmy rolls over his shoulder so he can transition into top position.


6. Jimmy sits through with his back leg to pin Riley on the mat in a dominant scarf hold position.


Top Tips

White Belt: Putting your foot on your opponent’s hip and sitting down is the safest way to pull guard.

Brown Belt: Dropping too far away from your opponent will not give you enough leverage to perform this throw.

Black Belt: You can attempt a helicopter armbar by throwing your hips towards your opponent’s arm as they’re elevated.