Bob Sapp, what a character. Whatever will he do next?

It turns out he will take trash talk to the next level. Not content with the regular brand of fight hype, Sapp has brought it into the third dimension with this frankly terrifying papier-mâché ‘girlfriend’ for his next opponent, Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Pudzianowski is the famous Polish strongman turned MMA fighter, and he is a big name in Poland. But his last KSW opponent made a video describing him as “ugly and hideous” and now Sapp has been coerced into this jibe about a girlfriend – is Pudzianowski paranoid about his looks or something? KSW certainly seem to think its a good angle to rag him on.

Perhaps its all a big in-joke – my partner is Polish and she has confirmed that she would ditch me in a heartbeat if Pudzian came calling. Anyway, here’s Sapp doing his thing. Post your estimates on how long the fight will last below:

That is, by the way, probably the weirdest headline I have ever written for Fighters Only, or anyone else for that matter.