Gokhan Saki is the top contender in heavyweight kickboxing right now and will be challenging Semmy Schilt for the world title later this year.

He trains at Mike’s Gym, also the home of talents such as Badr Hari and Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley when he is in camp. Saki moved there recently, switching from the Golden Glory team when his trainer Cor Hemmers retired.

But Golden Glory still manage him and this behind-the-scenes documentary by their in-house video crew is excellent. Part One charted his road to the Heavyweight Grand Slam in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve. This installment looks at the build-up to his recent fight with Daniel Ghita.

He and Ghita fought in 2010 with Saki winning a points decision. Ghita disagreed with the decision and in April this year he bravely agreed to fight Saki in his homeland of Turkey. But it didn’t work out; Saki carried the day – and took the world #2 spot – with a 12-hit combination that sparking the finish.

This is a very well done mini-documentary. If you enjoyed The Reem video series you will like this: