Gray Maynard made no secret of his frustration on Friday night, flipping the bird both at Clay Guida and the crowd as his opponent retreated for the umpteenth time to the accompaniment of hearty boos from the assembled fans.

The former lightweight challenger was upset that Guida was utterly determined not to sit in the pocket for even a short while, continually backing off in a manner that has been likened to Kalib Starnes’ fight against Nate Quarry several years ago.

To be fair to Guida, he landed numerous jabs and (statistically) landed more blows than Maynard over the course of the fight. But they were not of the telling variety and so Maynard, who shut one of Guida’s eyes, got the nod. Guida was angry about the decision backstage and when he and Maynard were having post-fight checkups separated only by a curtain, they and their teams got into an exchange of words…

(fast forward to 8:26)