This 2005 documentary is a fascinating look at the UFC’s transition from a literally no-holds-barred fighting tournament to a cutting-edge modern sport. Newer fans of the UFC don’t remember the serious struggle the organization had in its embryonic stages, with politicians and moralists across America trying their best to get it banned and off the airwaves.

There’s some superb footage of Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Pedro Rizzo and others in their prime. Again, if you’ve only seen these names in recent years you won’t know what killers they were in their glory days. Also of interest is seeing how senator John McCain, closely connected to the boxing lobby, worked so hard against this new sport – surely not because it represented a threat to his supporters interests? McCain also sat on the Senate Commission for the cable industry and he was able to pull the UFC off pay-per-view. The sport has never been closer to dying than it was then.

This is forty minutes of history which every MMA fan should watch at least once.