Only Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone (with eight each) have earned more Fight of the Night honors in the WEC and UFC than Cub Swanson.

To celebrate his appearance on the cover of the November 2017 issue of Fighters Only, here is a rundown of Swanson’s most action-packed Octagon appearances.

Artem Lobov

UFC Fight Night 108

April 22, 2017

A main-event berth means five whole rounds and 25 minutes for Swanson to flex his handiwork and put on a real show. He landed an enormous 209 significant strikes – including flashes of capoeira – but also absorbed a career-high 123. The combined total was the second highest in a UFC fight.

Doo Ho Choi

UFC 206

December 10, 2016

An all-out brawl for 15 minutes between two highly-skilled martial artists. Some of the power shots and combinations absorbed by both were nothing short of scandalous. It took until the final seconds for the Korean to finally drop. It had just about everything you could ever want from an MMA fight.

Jeremy Stephens

UFC Fight Night 44

June 28, 2014

As well as being a high-volume offensive dynamo, Swanson is capable of playing the master tactician, too. He was just too quick, outmaneuvering and countering to outlast one of the hardest hitters at 145lb, despite taking some heavy fire in the first 10 minutes.

Dennis Siver

UFC 162

July 6, 2013

Talk about putting a stamp on a dominant performance. The German started strong, but couldn’t stand up to the rising tide of So-Cal strikes in the second and third rounds. A big exchange was the beginning of the end, as Swanson followed a flurry by pounding away for a third round finish.

Mackens Semerzier

WEC 52

November 11, 2010

Making a highlight reel of this one would be a tough ask. It would be hard to cut out any of the 15 minutes of back-and-forth bedlam that took place in the blue cage of the UFC’s sister organization. How both men stayed standing throughout is a mystery.

John Franchi

WEC 44

November 18, 2009

With honors even after two rounds, Swanson needed a big final frame. He delivered, turning things up and sealing the deal with just 10 seconds left. He locked up a guillotine and, as Franchi struggled to escape, screamed until his opponent finally tapped.

Hiroyuki Takaya

WEC 37

December 3, 2008

WEC promoted the wildest fights. Tragically, though, no one could see many of them because preliminary bouts just never made it to air. Case in point: many who weren’t at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas for this one were for years unfamiliar with its greatness, which was a shame because it’s a doozy. Thank God for the invention of UFC Fight Pass.