From a young age you were parented into believing that pushing your veggies to one side had serious consequences. No dessert. No television. An early bedtime. You probably protested and force fed them into grill until veggies became something you felt your body deserved. You grew to like the way they made you feel and look. Okay, so this probably only took a thousand serves but you got there. You were finally an adult. It’s a life stage when you stopped getting money in birthday cards and veggies seemed to expire faster when you were the one paying for them. Adulting also welcomes a lack of time to eat healthy and force feeds you plates of stress. Luckily, new research suggests that stress and veggies go together like unicorns and glitter.


Veggies meditate stress

How do consolidate an always-on lifestyle with the advice that always seems to be telling you to eat more veggies? The answer is often unclear. A good example is a paper in Clinical Nutrition which recently found people who ate at least 470 grams of fruit and vegetables daily had 10% lower stress levels than those people who ate 230 grams. Your food impacts your mood, the higher it’s quality the better equipped you are to manage the stressful situations in your life. These foods reduce oxidative stress and lower inflammation. This means you’re primed to handle moments that are tough to deal with. So, how much fruit should you eat? The World Health Organization recommends that you eat at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables each day. None of this is exactly groundbreaking but it begs the question about stress management and vegetable intake. How can these be consolidated?


Your place in the pickle

Not only does chronic stress give you pangs to tackle a high carb bowl of pasta, but it can devastate your energy supplies and immune system. If time is your issue, it’s wise to source a backup plan such as TRULEAN’s POWDERED AGELESS SUPER GREENS. A single micronutrient dense scoop of this is equivalent to eating three pounds of raw, organic veggies. This means your energy levels will be higher, your metabolism will be faster, and your digestion will be easier. Even though each shot has zero sugar or calories, the taste is crisp, smooth, and delicious. It will become something you want to drink, not have to drink, because you’ll feel healthier. You can also look forward to being more even keeled and better equipped to address your problems. Fortunately, your weight, stress levels, sports performance and energy levels won’t be one of these problems.